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Marketing Hack - How to get a free magazine ad (really)

9th December 2016

There’s a magazine for every industry – fashion, travel, music, 1960’s plastic furniture. You name it, there’s a magazine available and a captivated audience to match.

Magazine ads are a quite unique form of advertising. They are more personal. Unlike online marketing, readers generally look forward to them, and see them as part of the whole reading experience. The ads in magazines also attract instant respect and credibility for a business, two qualities difficult to achieve so quickly with ads on other mediums.

Most magazines in circulation today also have highly targeted readerships, which make them an appealing place to advertise if your target demographic match a particular publication.

The problem with magazine advertising

Magazine readers are in buying mode. They pay money for something that will tell them the trends in their area of interest, what the industry leaders are doing and or wearing, and most importantly, which products they should pick up.

How many times have you seen something that you wanted in a magazine, only to not buy it later on. Readers are at the height of their motivation to buy, but print media makes it difficult to convert these potential customers.

If readers want to find out more about a product, they need to find your website, then find the exact product they saw in the ad, add it to their cart, enter their address and credit card, and finally get through the checkout. There are way too many steps, which is why the conversion rate for e-commerce remains low.

How to offer instant purchases from print media

Have you ever found yourself wandering into a random store, seeing something you love and making an impulse decision to buy it right there and then?

PRIMO allows your potential customers to do this by adding a PRIMO Tag to your ad, which readers can scan with the PRIMO app on their phones and order on the spot using pre-saved payment details in the app. The process takes less than 10 seconds, and they can go back to their place on the magazine page.

You can also gain customer demographical data and measure how ads are performing and make changes accordingly.

Run magazine ads for free


Let’s say you’re selling men’s watches for $500 USD each. Perhaps a good magazine to place an ad in would be an entrepreneur magazine such as SUCCESS (circulation 275,384/month).

You place a 1/3 page color ad in the magazine, which costs $4,200 USD.

The cost of the watch you feature in your ad is $500 USD (including tax). You include a PRIMO Tag for the watch in the printed advertisement, allowing readers to directly purchase the watch on the spot. Our fees are 10% per purchase inclusive of credit card fees. Nothing else.

With less than 10 watch sales, you can break even on your magazine advertisement.

As well as making print advertising cost-effective, it also gives you clear statistics on which advertisements re generating sales and which aren’t – a luxury usually only available on analytics dashboards for online marketing channels.

Try a PRIMO tag in your next print ad

You can try PRIMO out for yourself by downloading the app here: iOS / Android
After downloading, try scanning the code below or clicking the picture to buy some incredible organic Italian honey.

Organic Italian Honey

Think PRIMO tags could boost your print advertising sales? Click here to apply as a merchant.



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